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The Essential Wedding Checklist: A Must-Have for Perfect Celebrations!

A lot of brides come to me not knowing where to find their suppliers, when they have to do certain things by and what should be the next steps, they are very confused and don’t want any extra stress in planning their special day. Trust me, I understand completely, this is what a wedding planner is there for - to take the stress out of your day! But if you don’t want a wedding planner and you want to do it by yourself that is not a problem at all! But here is my recommendation for a wedding checklist.

A wedding checklist can be important for many different reasons and this is something we are going to touch base on. I am also going to mention what should be on this checklist and where you can get one from.

Why is it important to have a checklist?

Well, it keeps you on track and you know exactly where you are going to go. Also isn’t it just nice to tick something off on a list?

You get to follow things through in an order! A lot of people get worried they are not doing the right things at the right time when planning a wedding as there are a lot of elements that have and crucial timeframes attached to them. A wedding planning process can take a very different amount of time for each bride, some brides can do it in a year, some take less time and others like to enjoy every minute of it and enjoy the process - this is just an individual preference!

This will just give you a little idea of where you should be at each step along the way. This is what a checklist is for! Just to keep you on track and keep that stress to a minimum.

What should be on a checklist?

This is something that is always different for everyone, but this is what in my opinion should be on the checklist.

There should be a checklist for all your different suppliers and everything you are going to need. So, flowers, cakes, finding a dress, suits, rings etc. Even a wedding planner if you decide you want one. This will also give you an idea of when you need to keep checking in on your budget too. Everything you want to get and achieve from your wedding day should be on this checklist.

You will never find a wedding checklist that is completely personalised to you, but I do recommend you find a basic one and then add the few bits that you need onto it!

Three main things that should be on the checklist are:

  • Refreshing a budget - sometimes it’s just easier to have a reminder there so you can check on things

  • All your suppliers - so you have all their details organised

  • Personalise it to you! For example you can include what date you want all your invitations sent out, a reminder for the rehearsal dinner, or your honeymoon booking etc!

Where do you get this checklist?

There are two ways you can access a checklist that I have created for you. Firstly you can follow my Berkshire Brides Facebook Page. I have created this page for all the Berkshire Brides in the area to help out as many of you as possible. This also allows you to talk to other brides in the area and establish a sense of community!

Alternatively, you can head to my website, pop in your email address and I will send you a free checklist! This is just to give you a starting point when planning your wedding! Please do feel free to email me at any time with questions and I will happily talk you through some information as well.

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