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Unlocking Perfection: Your Ultimate Guide to Discovering the Perfect Wedding Suppliers

Finding the perfect supplier can be a challenge so over this blog, I’m going to be covering things

like: what makes a perfect supplier, where can you find them and arranging that meeting with them.

Tip #1 What makes a perfect wedding supplier?

Wedding ceremony

This question could be different for every couple! You could have a list of pros and cons for each

supplier but the most important thing is that they are a perfect match for you! As a wedding

planner, matching my client with a supplier is like finding a love match. I like to make sure that their

personalities don’t clash, their schedules are going to match and their ideas and what they are

interested in align. It’s kinda like a dating app, I need to know that they are going to match and go

into sync straight away. Finding the perfect supplier really comes down to your personality, you

don’t want to work with someone that you are constantly getting mad at or you just don’t agree

with, because that is just going to make your journey more difficult. My one piece of advice is that

when you do have that first meeting with them, make sure they are easy to talk to and you get a

long. If you feel pressured or stressed or don’t think that you are going to be able to ask them any

questions, maybe they aren’t going to be the perfect match for you. But also you can ask around

your other suppliers! For example if you have a wedding planner, they can give you

recommendations. Don’t feel like you are limited to just them though! If you already have your

flower supplier or your invitation supplier, you can ask them for other suppliers too! This wedding

industry is a big one and all of these suppliers talk to each other and help each other out, so most

suppliers are always going to have recommendations for you!

Tip #2 Where do you find these wedding suppliers?

Wedding Cake

This can be a long list but I thought I would just list a few places to get your foot in that door.

My first suggestion is search engines! You have Google which you are all familiar with! But you

also have places like Hitched, Guides for Brides, Wedding Suppliers or The Bride. These are some

of the wedding search engines that you can have a look at as well! All of these places have photos

or at the very least an email which you can use to get a brochure or something about each supplier

to give you that first interaction with them. You can also gauge them by how quickly they respond!

That can give you an insight into how eager they are to work with you or if they are super busy.

Secondly, you also have Wedding Shows or Wedding Fairs! This is a great way to talk to your

suppliers face to face and means you can get a feel for them right from the first word. You want to

make sure you can talk to them and feel safe and your personalities get along! This is a great way

to get a list together straight away! It gives you a whole bunch of suppliers in one place to start

your list and then discuss later. But this also shows that these suppliers are going to be dedicated

to you! They have turned up to a Wedding Fair which can be very time consuming, so it gives you

an idea of their time management skills as well.

You will also have a list of recommended suppliers - this can be from your wedding planner, your

venue or any other suppliers you may have. A lot of people know which suppliers they like working

with and can give you that insight. But let’s not forget a very valuable resource - your family and

friends! Maybe they know someone that can help you out too! Don’t feel like you have to go

through this process of finding suppliers alone, you have so many options to help you out!

Finally, social media! You have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. You have so many social

media platforms that so many suppliers use to promote themselves! They give you an idea of what

they have produced in the past and can also give you inspiration as well as insight into the supplier

themselves. Social media is a great aspect to the wedding industry and can be a huge help with

finding initial suppliers.

Tip #3 Arranging your first meeting

Wedding flowers

This is something I highly recommend! Don’t just send a few emails and then decide on your

suppliers, make sure you have a meeting with them too. Even if this meeting is over zoom if you

can’t find the time to meet in person, it gives you an idea of if you can talk to this supplier naturally

and create a bond from the get go. This also gives you the time to show them some of your

inspiration for your wedding and see if they can help you achieve this. For example, you want to

make sure from your flower supplier that they can create what you are after. It may be that your

flowers are not in season therefore the supplier can’t get hold of them, if this is the case they may

be able to point you in the right direction or give you tips on how to go about it. They want to make

sure they can support you, so arrange a meeting and make sure that they are the perfect fit for


Overall, my advice to finding the perfect supplier is make sure that your personalities match! That

is going to make this process easier and more fun for all parties involved!

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