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Celebrating Love Across Traditions: The Art of Blending Cultures in Weddings

Blending cultures and all the different traditions that these cultures bring is something that I

constantly get asked about. So I thought I would just scratch the surface of some of these here

with this blog!

In this day and age it is lovely to see so many cultures coming together for weddings however this

can lead to some concerns so thats what I am here to help you all with. It’s so hard to find the

perfect blend for every culture as you need to make sure all cultures are included as thats what a wedding is right? The merging of two families! However you need to find that perfect mix that both parties are happy with, you don’t want too much of one culture and not enough of the other. It is

important to both families that the cultures are represented equally, as you are two equal people

coming together.

Another problem that can arise is when it comes to the politics of the wedding. This can happen

when the families want so badly to have their traditions represented and seen and you have to

decide between the two. It can be hard to plan a wedding and sometimes this element can make it even harder. At the end of the day you need to remember that this wedding is for you! You both

need to be happy with the final decisions that are made, but you also need to make your families

happy. What I do recommend in this situation, is to talk to your wedding planner! Here at Sal Majik

we love to learn about all the different cultures! I have been lucky enough to have had experience

with blending cultures together in a wedding, and although there is so many more cultures that I

would love to learn about, I definitely have some insight into assisting with this aspect of the

planning process. This can be super helpful as you get an outsiders perspective, someone that is

outside of the family and doesn’t have that bias against either side, to aid in merging those


An example of this that I have had insight into is a Jewish family and a Catholic family. For the

Jewish culture the chuppah, which is the nuptial canopy that creates a temporary sanctified space

for the Bride and Groom was an important aspect for this couple and for the Catholic family, it

created an ideal photo that she wanted for the album whilst symbolising the couples journey to a

new life together. This can be a lovely mix for this couple but once again every couple is different.

What I do recommend you do, is speak to both families and discuss which aspects are the most

important to each family that needs to be represented in this culture and this wedding. Once you

have done this, your wedding planner is going to be your next best option to make sure that

everyone is happy and that both parties are being represented equally.

If you would like for me to go into more details of specific cultures please do let us know!

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