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Crafting Perfect Designs: A Guide to Elevating Your Big Day

There is so many design elements to think about when planning your wedding and your invitation

design can really set the tone of your wedding for your guests.

When thinking about the design aspect, looking at the overall design including Style, Colour and

the Season of your wedding is a good place to start. These three elements are going to be your

guide throughout your whole wedding so let’s break them down into more detail.

Perfect Design- Tip 1 Seasons

Obviously we know there are only four seasons in the year, but there are pros and cons to all of

these seasons! Choosing your season is a great start and already gives you an idea of what the

design of your wedding can look like.

Obviously the design is also affected by other aspects such as your budget, but hopefully these

pros and cons can give you a rough idea to get you started.

Summer is the prime time for weddings for many reasons, for example couples may want an

outdoor wedding, maybe their guest list involves a lot of children and they need it in the holidays or

they have many international guests that need the vacation time to fly to a different country. In

saying this, this leads to venues upping their prizes for this exact reason. As it is quite popular, the

availability of venues in the summer goes very quickly, so if you are someone that wants a

summer wedding, get that date in fast as venues can easily book up 1 - 2 years in advance and be

aware that it may be a little more than you priced for just because of the popularity.

Winter time weddings usually have a lot more packages available on offer. As it is approaching the

holiday season, many companies will have a Christmas or New Years packages for couples. It

generally is a little cheaper than the summer packages because it has more potential riskier factors

such as snow etc. In saying this, having a winter wedding could lower your guest list. Travelling

places can be harder for guests if they are in an area where it snows more, but also so many

families go on vacation at this time, so don’t be surprised if some of your guests can’t make it. This

season also involves a little more thought in terms of whether the bride is going to wear a long

sleeved dress to keep warm, will you need jackets for the bridesmaids etc. This is an easy fix but it

is a something that needs to be thought about.

Spring and Autumn are quite similar in terms of venues and suppliers, obviously they have different

feels and colour schemes etc but with the pricing examples and things you have to think about,

they are pretty similar. They tend to be slightly cheaper than the summertime and usually have

slightly more availability in terms of dates.

Perfect Design - Tip 2 Colours

Colours and seasons for the most part go hand in hand. I’m going to go through some traditional

colour schemes with you, but at the end of the day there is no right or wrong when it comes to your

wedding. It is your day and you can design it however you like.

Summer usually has a pop of colour to it - in this case you are thinking about hot pink or yellow, but

you can also swing that with some pastel colours in the midst too. Generally summer trends are

white and gold with a pop of colour, or black and white with a bit of colour too. Think of bright and

playful when it comes to colours for this season.

On the opposite end, when you look at winter weddings, they typically go for darker colours such

as navy blue, maroon, darker Christmas colours if you are celebrating a Christmas wedding.

Spring is almost similar to summer but you want to think of toning down the colours a little bit.

Think more pastel type of colours, your light blue, baby pink etc. But also uses more greenery

when thinking about your bouquet and other design elements.

Autumn is usually more oranges, reds etc. Think more pumpkin colours getting ready for

Halloween. Autumn usually has less greenery around and toning it down to get ready for winter.

As I said earlier, this is just a guide based on the trends in the industry now. This is by no means a

set rule that you must follow, merely just a guide to help you get started on your design journey.

The other major aspect you may want to think about is your floral arrangements. I highly

recommend speaking to your florist, if you are set on a specific flower or something you have seen

on Pinterest etc. this may impact which season and colours you end up using for your wedding. If

you pick a flower that is not available in the winter for example, you then need to make a decision

whether it is more important to you to have a winter wedding or have that floral arrangement and

colour scheme for your day.

Perfect Design - Tip 3 Style

There are 4 major style points that I want to go through today. Obviously these can be mixed and

blended as you wish but these are the four major ones that I want to bring your attention to.


Simple and elegant



Luxury: this is more exclusive use of a venue, big castle type venue, lots of guests, lots of lights.

Think extravagant and royal!

Rustic: think barn style, lots of wooden elements, logs, urban earthy feel. Almost the complete

opposite of luxury.

Traditional: for this one you want to think like a standard church wedding, lots of whites and cream

based colours. Very classic with little use of upcoming trends from the industry.

Simple and elegant: this is a small intimate wedding, just for close family and friends. Not a lot of

extravagant lighting, at the moment these usually involve a hall or marquee for after the ceremony.

These have been quite popular since the 2020 pandemic - just having the important people

surrounding you to celebrate your special day.

Again, these are just the four styles I use to give you an example, your wedding could be a mix of

all of them, there is no set right or wrong for your wedding day.

These three design elements are going to give you a good start for designing all of those other little

things that are involved. But once you get an idea for these things, its going to make your process

a little bit easier and it gives you a clearer understanding to all of your suppliers of what you are

trying to achieve.

If you have any questions or what some specific advice please feel free to reach out and we will be

more than willing to help you.

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